Social Breakdown

Recent statements by the Tory leader David Cameron, have suggested the Labour Party has brought us into a social as well as economic recession.  He is recorded as using certain high profile crimes such as the recent case in Doncaster involving two young boys seriously assaulting two other children and the Baby Peter case, amongst … [Read more…]

Changed Lifestyle

I was watching a daytime talk show last week, where they were discussing the changes children make to our lifestyles.  One mum said, ‘our children should fit into our lifestyle, rather than us changing our lifestyle to revolve round them’.  This is an interesting concept.  When we have a baby, it goes without saying that … [Read more…]

Smacking In Schools

I found it interesting to read that there is a loophole in the law, which permits the smacking of children in schools that are classified as ‘less that part-time’, that is less than 12.5 hours a week.  Given that smacking is banned in all other forms of education, it will probably not be long before … [Read more…]

Just A Few Tips

After an evening of Bridal shopping with my sister who is getting married next year, I’m feeling all reminiscent!  Although we have been married for 18 months, and now have a baby, it is all still quite fresh in the memory.  The preparation seems to take over your life for about a year before wedding, … [Read more…]

Our Need To Please Others

So often we easily fall into the trap of doing things to please others.  This is not always a bad thing.  We may want to please our parents, because this is obedient to God’s commandment.  We may seek the approval of our spouse or friends, because we love them and want to make them happy.  … [Read more…]

A Serious Reflection On Education

The education of our children, is a very important aspect of their lives.  It is one of the key factors in determining their future job prospects and quality of living.  Everyone always has an opinion on the way children should be educated and before I begin my discussion I would like to make the point … [Read more…]

Healthy Food = Expensive Food?!

“It is often quite expensive and time-consuming to buy healthy food and that puts wealthier parents at an advantage.” This is a statement by Tam Fry (National Obesity Forum), when he featured in a BBC News article about childhood obesity.  My question today challenges this idea that wealthier people have an advantage when it comes … [Read more…]

Baby Genius :-)

The past three months have been incredibly life changing.  Time has gone so quickly its hard to believe how much Tamar has changed and grown in such a short space of time.  One minute we are in the hospital unsure how to change a nappy, the next we are having our baby dedicated in church!  … [Read more…]