The Role Of Women: Part 3

Motherhood is one of those amazing roles that many women are blessed with. We recognise that having children may not be God’s will for every woman but for those who are blessed in this way, it opens up a whole new aspect of life. As Christian mothers, we have a great duty and responsibility under … [Read more…]

The Role Of Women: Part 2

Today I want to think about the role of a Christian wife in a Christian marriage, as outlined in scripture. There are many different references to wives in the bible and it would be impossible for me to use them all, so I have chosen I few which I think will be of benefit to … [Read more…]

The Role Of Women: Part 1

This post marks the first in a series I would like to begin about the role God has called women to do, in both church and home life. There are so many different opinions and interpretations of scripture concerning women that I am bound to have readers who will disagree with my view on certain … [Read more…]

Revival Through Technology?

I’ve been thinking about how the way the church evangelises, has changed so much in the past 150 years.  If we think back to the 1859 revival, this happened through the preaching of the word, so it was quite easy to visibly see God at work when people were getting saved in public gatherings.  Today … [Read more…]


Discipline is one of those things you know is good for you, but very often you cringe at the thought of it.  Whether inflicted by others or ourselves, its always hard work.  Today I want to think about discipline from a Christian perspective, although many of my thoughts could be applied to secular life.  I … [Read more…]

One Week Without TV

Recently I had felt the Lord speak to me concerning the use of my time, especially during the day, as I am on maternity leave.  I had been reading a book on how to reach your full potential for God and recently I heard my minister talk about how as each minute passes, we should … [Read more…]