A Winter of Strange Happenings

Prolonged periods of snow, ice,  no water, no electric, and burst and frozen pipes seem to have been an ongoing theme of the winter that we have just been through.  It has definately been a memorable one.  Even now as I blog, we have no water.  Which is probably why I’m blogging instead of cleaning … [Read more…]

MMR or not?

Well, like many parents, we have spent the past 15 months taking trips to the doctors surgery for the wee woman to get all her vaccinations. Sometimes I often wondered if we rushed in too quickly in following the normal turn of events and maybe should have done some more research into each vaccination before … [Read more…]

The Butterfly Effect by Andy Andrews

This was a very unique book to review.  Beautifully designed,The Butterfly Effect: How Your Life Matters takes the form of a gift book, with short historical stories, used to show how the ‘butterfly effect’ can be seen in human behaviour.  The Butterfly Effect is based on the idea that every single thing we do has … [Read more…]

“Cast of Characters” by Max Lucado

Another thought-provoking book by Max Lucado.  The very short chapters and easy-to-read style have contributed greatly to the success of this book.  While I wouldn’t be in complete agreement with all his interpretations of biblical accounts, he does make some very valid arguments as to the way in which God uses very ordinary people for … [Read more…]

Belfast Marathon

A few months ago there was discussion as to whether or not the Belfast Marathon should be moved from Monday to Sunday.  Many public figures, politicians and mainstream churches publicly objected to this, on the grounds that it would cause major disruption to Sunday services.  The inconvenience of holding the marathon on a Sunday seemed to be a … [Read more…]