Back To Basics: Make Motherhood Your Best Mission Yet

motherhood logoHappy New Year Everyone! I am really excited to be writing the first post of 2016.  As I was planning the content of the blog for the next few months, I was unsure about what to write for the first post of the year.  Since there has been an influx of new readers in the last couple of months I thought it would be good to go back to basics and explain what we do here at Mum On A Mission and WHY we do it.

I have been a mum for almost 7 years and I love writing about the experience of motherhood.  To me, the reality of motherhood is far different from the ideal that we see on TV or social media.  Sometimes it’s great and fulfilling but more often it’s mundane, challenging and smelly!  I like to write about all aspects of having children and the difficulties that so many women face everyday.

As a Christian, a lot of my parenting knowledge comes from the bible and scriptural books.  This is something I like to share with others.  Not because I am an expert in anyway, but because it helps me to think through a lot of ideas just by writing about them.  Having 3 young children has the advantage of making my writing brutally honest, at times.

However, motherhood isn’t just about having great parenting strategies.  Very often it’s the everyday, normal duties that we need a little help with.  Whether it’s learning how to make a cake or balancing your monthly budget, at Mum On A Mission I like to write about the a whole spectrum of parenting life.  Not from the vantage point of an expert, but from deep within the trenches of modern parenthood.  There is no greater teacher than experience, and if I find a way of making life easier or improving the life of my family, then I want to share it with you.

I believe that motherhood can be one the best mission fields to be in.  But it has to be intentional, we don’t just naturally end up being great mums.  We have to purpose in our hearts and minds that we are going to do our best and raise our children with no regrets.  Mistakes, yes.  But no regrets, there is a difference.  If you want a great book on regret-free parenting, I highly recommend Regret Free Parenting by Catherine Hickem.

I hope this explains Mum On A Mission, I look forward to connecting with you all this year.  If you haven’t subscribed to the blog yet, I would urge you to do so on the Subscribe page.  This just means that you will receive a weekly email newsletter with a summary of what we’ve been discussing on the blog that week, along with news about any new products that are being released.

Every Blessing for 2016.




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