Wicked Cupcakes! by Luisa Zissman

Wicked Cupcakes! is a very FUN recipe book, lots of bright photography and quite detailed methods for most of the recipes.  Many of the recipes have the same basic buttery sponge base, with maybe one or two ingredients added to give a little variation to each one.  All nice flavours, but not exactly “WOW!’ .  I would recommend this as a great recipe book for someone who is just starting out baking or has little or no experience with cupcakes.  There is a section on baking cupcakes with children and this is what interested me the most, as there were some very good novelty decorating ideas.  I tried a few of them, starting with the Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes.  Tamar and I were very excited about this recipe – and it didn’t disappoint!  Easy to follow and delicious combination of flavours.


We also attempted the Bakewell Tart Cupcakes. These were also very successful.


My only reservation about this book would be that the quantity of cake mixture is too much for the suggested 12 cupcakes.  I easily made 16 cupcakes out of the mixture.  So just be aware it might be worth making up a smaller amount of cake mix or using muffin cases instead of the standard size cupcake cases.

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