The Power of A Good Friend

Have you ever looked at your life and thought WOW!!!! I have some amazing people around me!  I hope at some time you have experienced this, recently I had cause to say this when I thought about the amazing friends and family I have been blessed with.  Specifically I was thinking about my girl friends from school.  Some of the friendships I have with these girls dates back as far as 13 years ago!  Without a doubt I love them like family.  What is so miraculous though, is that our present day lives are all very different and in many ways we are geographically further away from each other than we have ever been, but the bond of love and friendship seems to be stronger than ever also!

But what makes this bond so strong after all these years?  After all, it is so easy to drift apart and lose contact with one another as we get older, so why are we always drawn back to the same people?  I can say that for us it is a strong spiritual bond that glues us together.  We are from an assortment of different churches, and may not always agree on every little thing, but one thing that unites us, is the God we serve.  Recently I had reasons to rely heavily on the prayerful support of my friends and once again they supported me in the way I needed.  This is the real power of a good friend, the power to lift you up to the Throne of Heavenly Grace when you need it most.

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