A Winter of Strange Happenings

Prolonged periods of snow, ice,  no water, no electric, and burst and frozen pipes seem to have been an ongoing theme of the winter that we have just been through.  It has definately been a memorable one.  Even now as I blog, we have no water.  Which is probably why I’m blogging instead of cleaning (which to a normal person might be seen as silver lining, but piles of dirty dishes annoy me more than anything).

If I have learned anything through these experiences, it is that we all have an ever increasing dependence on things, which are beyond our realm of control.  Like the water I am so desperately missing.  All I can do is use bottled stuff, and wait for the tap to run again.  I cannot physically make water come out of the tap, I am depending on others to make this happen.

I suppose this principle is true in many aspects of our lives, even though we don’t realise it.  Like our health.  We can take precautions to look after our bodies, but essentially it is a greater power than us that has authority over it.  Anyway, this was a bit random, but just gave me something to think about.  Anyone else have any thoughts on our bizarre winter?  Any life lessons learned?  Would love to hear from you!

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