Revival Through Technology?

3011504326_b6b176e61b_mI’ve been thinking about how the way the church evangelises, has changed so much in the past 150 years.  If we think back to the 1859 revival, this happened through the preaching of the word, so it was quite easy to visibly see God at work when people were getting saved in public gatherings.  Today we have been blessed with amazing forms of technology and although alot of it is used by the devil for evil purposes, it has had a role to play in evangelism.

There are thousands of evangelical services broadcast live over the internet every week, and we have no real way of knowing how the messages are effecting people unless they email the church, which very rarely happens.  Countless radio and TV stations broadcast the gospel on a daily basis.  Many churches give out recordings of their services on CD or DVD, with many Christians distributing these amongst their friends and family who would not otherwise come under the sound of the gospel.

It is very hard to tell how these means of evangelism are effecting people all over the world.  The Lord could very well be using it to revive people on a global scale.  I think we should remember to pray fervently for the work of media teams in our churches who do this very good work. It is very often overlooked when we think about the different types of work in the church, but really they are quite literally fulfilling the command to ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel’.  They present the word that the preacher is speaking to people who may not otherwise hear it.

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