Social Breakdown

Recent statements by the Tory leader David Cameron, have suggested the Labour Party has brought us into a social as well as economic reces4174202842_ce1fddf94e_msion.  He is recorded as using certain high profile crimes such as the recent case in Doncaster involving two young boys seriously assaulting two other children and the Baby Peter case, amongst others, as examples of how social breakdown is occurring in the UK.  Both the Labour Party and Liberal Democrats have criticized this.  One of the main messages in the Tory election campaign has been getting back to supporting the family unit, marriage and correcting the wrongs of the justice system.

Do we think that maybe Mr Cameron has went too far in his campaign to emphasize the importance of ‘social values’  and ‘strengthening families’, by using individual crimes as evidence for social breakdown?  It may seem a little naive, but do horrific crimes not happen every day all over the country, regardless of who is in government?  I do not question the importance of good policies and a strong government, but we need to put that in perspective.  If I learn’t anything from my Gender Studies Course (yes, it was the minor part of my degree), it is that legislation doesn’t change people or their attitudes.  I would go further and say that in my personal opinion nothing will change a person deep down except the saving power of The Lord Jesus Christ, but that’s a topic for a different blog post.

Anyway, my point is I think he has made a big mistake because first of all, every other party is going to criticize him for saying it.  As I may have mentioned before, ‘Throwing mud at other people is good way to make yourself look cleaner’ (Its very sad that I’m using this as if its a proper quote –  I made it up myself lol).   Secondly, the upstanding part of the British electorate could easily be offended because he has basically said that the whole of the UK has sunk into social decline, based on a few horrific crimes.  Thirdly, the more cynical part of the British electorate will accuse him of bad political games, particularly when he is using some very sensitive and heartbreaking crimes as examples of the breakdown he so earnestly seeks to portray.  Finally, I think his repetitive pattern of dragging up everything that is bad about the current situation we live in and blaming it on Labour before he starts the lecture on how the Conquering Conservative Party will turn the country around and put it back on the path of the rainbow towards the pot of gold, is really annoying!

I’m glad I don’t have to decide between the Lab, Tory, or Lib Dem Parties, because I am just as cynical about them all.  While they all have the potential to run a successful government, the hypocrisy and corruption within all of them far outweighs any good they may do in the future.

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