Changed Lifestyle

I was watching a daytime talk show last week, where they were discussing the changes children make to our lifestyles.  One mum said, ‘our children should fit into our lifestyle, rather than us changing our lifestyle to revolve round them’.  This is an interesting concept.  When we have a baby, it goes without saying that life is never the same again, but to what extent does it really change?  Is it possible to just slot your child into your lifestyle without making major adjustments?

Personally, we have made some major adjustments, but we don’t mind.  Not having as much freedom to go where you like, when you like, is a big change.  From experience we have learned that there is no such thing as just jumping in the car with the baby in the back to go shopping.  You have to plan the time of day you go, depending on when the baby will be eating and napping.  You have to pack a bag with all the things you could possibly need, which is quite a lot of stuff.  Going out for a meal can seem pointless because if the baby decides it wants attention, then one of you will be eating with one hand, which isn’t the nicest way to enjoy a meal out.  I really don’t understand how a parent could just ‘fit their child into their lifestyle’.  They should really share their secret with the rest of us!  Actually, on second thought, I wouldn’t want to know, I’m loving life just as it is now 🙂


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