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IMG_6870After an evening of Bridal shopping with my sister who is getting married next year, I’m feeling all reminiscent!  Although we have been married for 18 months, and now have a baby, it is all still quite fresh in the memory.  The preparation seems to take over your life for about a year before wedding, with a roller-coaster of emotions.  One minute you are so excited, can’t get off the internet looking for ideas, and just bore everyone around you with wedding plans.  The next day your stressing over money and re-calculating over and over again.  I would say to anyone planning a wedding, try your best to enjoy the preparations, you only get married once (hopefully) and you need to make memories of it all, rather than being overwhelmed and not enjoying it.  Here’s a few tips

  1. When booking a service or buying a product for the wedding, ALWAYS barter with the company.  You may feel shy about it but trust me, if you do it right, you will save a fortune!  I’m not exaggerating.
  2. Learn from other people.  Of course all the decisions about your wedding should be your personal choice, but don’t be afraid to ask other married couples what they would do differently, or what they would change about their big day.
  3. Both of you can’t be in control of everything.  What I mean is, some things are better left to be organized by one person.  Such as, the woman takes care of dresses, flowers, accessories etc.  But the man is in charge of entertainment. (These are just examples)  When I say ‘ in charge’ I mean, once you both decide what you want, only one person contacts the necessary people, arranges details with them, and pays them.  If the two of you are trying to communicate with outside agencies and making arrangements it only adds more confusion.
  4. Prioritize what is most important to both of you.  This may be that you want a really nice honeymoon, or really high quality wedding rings.  This will determine how much money you spend on different parts of the big day.  So for example if you both aren’t too fussy about flowers, you can just have a small amount of them, at a small cost, and spend more money on something special.
  5. Generally speaking, if you can do or make something yourself, it will always be cheaper.  By this I mean, the stationary, the flowers, the favours, the cake etc.  Even if you don’t personally do all these things, you should ask around family and close friends to see if there is a reliable person you could ask to help you, who has experience in these areas.
  6. Make sure everyone in the bridal party knows exactly what should be happening and when throughout the big day.  You could go over this with everyone at the rehearsal, or even type it out for everyone to read over before the wedding.
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