A Serious Reflection On Education

The education of our children, is a very important aspect of their lives.  It is one of the key factors in determining their future job prospects and quality of living.  Everyone always has an opinion on the way children should be educated and before I begin my discussion I would like to make the point that I believe this is a personal issue, specific to each individual parents biblical and moral choices. I don’t believe I have the right to suggest to others how their children should be educated, in the same way I don’t welcome judgement on my decision as to how to educate my daughter.  Although I am a few years away from making this decision, it will be a personal choice between myself, my husband and most importantly, The Lord.

234942843_d6928c56cb_mI have heard many people express opinions on Christian Education or Home Schooling, which suggest that they are inferior to that of a Secular School Education.  Firstly, I don’t think we can ever make a large sweeping statement about one type of education and brand it as the truth.  For example, we cannot say “Teachers in Christian schools are unqualified” or “Teachers in secular schools are unsaved”.  Both these statements are ridiculous, as there are thousands of schools in Northern Ireland and they all differ from each other.  Secondly, rather than focusing on a type of education as a whole, we would benefit from analysing the specific school that we are interested in sending our children to.  When looking at schools, we should be considering the motto of the school, is it based on God’s Word?; the type of teachers, do you know if they are saved? if so, do they follow the same doctrine that you teach your child at home? Are they qualified to a standard that you are happy with?  The answers to these questions will be different in each individual school, and should determine your decision on whether it is suitable for your children.

There is an assumption that academic education and biblical teaching are two separate things, which are dealt with in different places i.e the school classroom and the church.  However, as the Word Of God is the very foundation of our faith as Christians, we must remember that it should also be treated as a basis for our understanding in many other areas of study.  For example, what we teach in science about creation is taken from the book of Genesis.  We teach moral principles based on the 10 Commandments.  An education which has a Christian ethos will inadvertently give our children a better biblical knowledge.

As parents we feel happier knowing that Christian teachers are setting good examples before our children, whereas we would know very little about the lifestyle and moral standards of a teacher in a secular school.  Of course I know that there are many Born Again Christian teachers in sec1435972037_f8bfb0b7fc_mular schools, but unfortunately they are outnumbered.  The age of extreme political correctness in which we live would deter us from knowing any personal information about teachers in secular schools concerning their faith, sexuality and moral standards.  Given that teachers have such an important influence on our children, should we not want the influence at school to continue the promotion of the Godly principals that we are teaching at home?

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